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Red Sun Dye Chem is regarded as one of the top manufacturers in India for cosmetic pigments. We are offering a huge range of cosmetic dyes, lakes and pigments for cosmetics. These offered products meet appropriate cosmetics legislation as applicable, namely that of US, FDA, European Community, India and Japan. These cosmetic dyes are manufactured with unique proprietary technology to gain extremely soft and fine particles. There are varieties of color cosmetics available today. These products are in high demand. We are customer-oriented company, offering a unique quality of Cosmetics colors in different styles and innovation.

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Our ultimate aim is to supply the unique quality of Cosmetic Colors to our esteem customers as per their needs by giving them more color options to make them look and feel great while giving them a safe product to use. When the customers are looking for Cosmetics they think first of the colors which they like the most. All our supplied cosmetics colors are accessible in dyes and pigments in dry form. Red Sun Dye Chem makes it possible for women to expose her own unique identity or beauty with

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Countries like USA, Mexico, Guatemala, France, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Srilanka, Spain, Peru, Chili, Colombia has huge requirement of Cosmetic Colors. We are most demanded brand in the domestic market, now even recognized in the international market as prominent Cosmetic Colors Exporter. Our customers flourished across the globe can avail Cosmetic Colors at the most reasonable price compared to other competitors. With a growing global presence, we address the challenges in the segment with safety, quality performance and durability. All our products are effective and meet every requirement.

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